Czech course for a permanent residence and citizenship in Czech Republic

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Preparation for Czech Certified Exam (CCE)

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Model Tests

Each online course offers several sample tests for Czech exam. The tests are compiled to the current requirements of universities in the Czech Republic. All sample tests have audio-records done by native speakers.

Our sample tests are great opportunity for self study

Express courses and webinars

At our course and webinars you will practice the entire tasks of your exam. Over the years, we have collected questions that have been asked during the exam.

The course and webinars are provided by native Czech speakers with tons of experience

Like at the real exam

Our sample tests fits perfectly for preparing for Czech language exam for obtaining citizenship in CR.

After completing tests, you will immediately get your results, know time of completion, and correct answers.

During the classes our teachers will ask you questions as you will be asked at the real exam

Top courses of Czech for foreigners

– 15 audio texts
– topics of everyday life, economic, technical subjects
-interactive tests
– text script of audio records
– recorded by native speakers
– 1 webinar with a native speaker
– additional audio texts and dialogues

– 45 audio dialogues and 40 audio texts
– questions and answers
– text script
– recorded by native speakers
– everyday topics of audio recordings

– 10 audio texts and 15 audio dialogues
– questions and answers
– text script which you will find in the answers
– recorded by native speakers
– 1 webinar with a native speaker
– audio texts and dialogues

why to enrol with our online course?

Save your time and efforts

You don’t need to waste your time in searching tests. Our tests offer more than 500 questions including audio recordings

Practise what you need at your exam

At our courses and webinars you will practise the entire tasks of the exam. Over the years, we have gathered questions that have been asked during the exam.

Pass your exam first time

Start your prep courses on time with our teachers and follow our instruction, that will help you to pass your exam successfully first time

Try now Demo tests and check your level!

Model tests with answers and complete set of audio records like at the exam