Czech language for citizenship exam of Czech Republic
Level B1

Czech Language for Citizenship

Modal Tests

  • 3 sample tests of Czech, Level A2, which meet the requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Czech Republic
  • 180 questions and answers, including audio records and topics for writing emails and messages.
  • A great opportunity to self study for the exam !

Express courses and webinars

  • During our course and webinars you will practise the entire tasks of the exam. Over the years, we have gathered questions that have been asked during the exam.
  • The course and webinars are provided by native Czech speakers as well as teachers with many years of experience in preparing for the exam of citizenship in CR

Like at the real exam

  • Our sample tests fits perfectly for preparing for Czech language exam for obtaining citizenship in CR.
  • After finishing the test, you will immediately get your results, know time of completion, and correct answers.
  • During the classes our teachers will ask you questions as you will be asked at the real exam

Czech exam for citizenship in CR. Choose your course. Level B1

Individual classes

+ Webinars

1 100,-


  • with new questions for 2023 + audio part
  • a list of topics for written and speaking part of the exam
  • additional cards and questions
  • check of your written texts and teacher’s comments
  • feedback from our teachers
  • additional exercises and tasks
  • support in FB or Instagram and via email

Online course with a teacher

+ Webinars and model tests

1 700,-


  • with new questions for 2023 + audio part
  • 2 interactive webinars x 50 mins with teacher
  • practise of written tasks: emails, messages, texts
  • practise of short conversations and monologues as per cards
  • additional exercises, cards and topics
  • model cards and questions, templates for emails and sms
  • support in FB or Instagram and via emails

Express course “Czech for citizenship” in mini-groups

September – October 2023

3 200,-


  • 8 online lessons of 60 minutes
  • 8 online lessons of 60 minutes
  • 2 model tests with new questions for 2023 + audio part
  • Practicing the tasks of speaking mostly and written parts of the exam
  • Practicing of short conversations and monologues as per cards
  • additional exercises, cards and topics
  • templates for emails and shorts essays
  • Additional questions and cards
  • Checking homework

Why our courses?

  • You do not need to waste time searching additional tests, we have already prepared them for you.
  • After you finish our sample tests you will get the result immediately and validate your readiness for the exam.
  • You will figured out your level of Czech and your gaps before the exam
  • You will get acquainted with the exam format and current test tasks for 2023 hence there were changes in speaking part of the exam
  • On our website you will immediately know your result and execution time, as the tests are interactive
  • You will put the technique of performing tests and go to the exam with confidence
  • For tests, we used real life situations faced by foreigners living in the Czech Republic

How to prepare for the exam on our website


The online tests include a large number of texts on various topics required for passing the language exams.

The texts of level B1 obtains some basic terminology and more complicated grammar.

You are highly recommended to remember basic synonyms which you can face with during the test


Online courses cover a list of topics for emails or essays and suggests samples for different emails which can be easily used in everyday life.

Writing is considered to be the most complicated parts of the test. Therefore, you will have the option to send your writing to us for correction. You will also get the instructions how to write short texts to pass the exam successfully.

The texts should be written with Czech diacritics


The site contains scripts of audio recordings that you will see in the answers.

If you answered incorrectly, we recommend that you turn on the audio recording again and read its text in order to understand every word. After that, you can turn on the audio recording and repeat after the announcer, making pauses


During our online classes you will practise all tasks of speaking part of the exam . You will get the additional questions, cards, topics of dialogues and monologues.

For self-study courses the examples of picture description is included in the test. In answer section you will hear how it should be described. Each speaking task is followed up the recording how it should be said

Frequently Asked Questions about Citizenship

  • How much time does it take to prepare for the Czech citizenship exam?

    It all depends on your level. If you have a strong A2 and just need to refresh your knowledge, find out what the exam includes, or simply learn how to write letters, then 2-4 sessions with a native-speaking teacher should suffice.

    If you’re at an A1 level, we recommend starting your preparations 3-4 months before the exam. It all depends on the intensity and how quickly you grasp foreign languages.

    If you’re starting from scratch, it will take 6 months. Our school accepts students starting from A1 level.

    If you can speak but lack confidence, it’s better to have one session with a teacher where we can assess your level and agree on the number of hours and the program. However, if you’re at an A1 level, it will take at least 3 months of individual sessions.

  • How much does the Czech language citizenship preparation course cost?

    3200 Czech crowns – Express course in small groups. If you have at least an A1 level or beginner A2.

    550 crowns x 45 minutes or 650 crowns x 60 minutes. If your schedule doesn’t allow, you can opt for individual lessons, and the cost of the lesson will be:

    800 crowns x 60 minutes – family rate if you are preparing as a pair with a family member in individual lessons.

  • Do I need to buy study materials for the citizenship exam preparation?

    You don’t need to purchase textbooks because we have developed our own proprietary study materials specifically for Czech citizenship exam preparation. You will receive all educational materials during the course. All our study materials comply with the exam requirements and OAMP ČR. You can download a brochure from the čestina pro cizince website.

  • How can I pay for Czech courses from abroad?

    You can make the payment using any credit card on our website. Additionally, we accept payments through services such as Paysend, Paypal, and others.

    If you need clarification on the payment process, please contact us on social media or via email at