Online course of Czech language for a permanent residence in Czech Republic. Sample tests A2

Interactive tests of Czech, training for written and speaking part of the exam

The online course offers several sample tests of A2 which meet the requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Czech Republic

Each test consists of 2 parts: written and oral. Once you finish the test, you will see your results: your time, score and correct answers

All tests include listening comprehension section. The recordings were done by the native speakers. After listening you will always see the recorded text

Additionally you will receive a list of topics for written part of the exam and the pictures for dialogues. Our teachers will check your texts and send them back with their comments.

Czech language test for a permanent residence
consists of


focuses on general and detailed understanding of various instructions, ads, notifications, working hours, transport time tables, sms, emails, etc.


consists of 10 short dialogues and 5 texts. The questions assume a multiplied choice and written answers.


checks your skills of basic writing in Czech.
Task 1 is to fill in a standard application form with the minimum requirement of personal details.
Task 2 is a short writing of notifications, emails, texts up to 30 words


includes 4 tasks: 1 card with questions from the examiner. 3 dialogues with the examiner. 1 text.

Choose your approach to get ready for
Czech Language test

The online course of self-study 900 kč

The online course with teacher
1500 kč

Individual classes with teacher
1100 kč

Kontaktní údaje
Kliknutím na tlačítko níže souhlasíte s obchodními podmínkami.

Kontaktní údaje
Kliknutím na tlačítko níže souhlasíte s obchodními podmínkami.

Kontaktní údaje
Kliknutím na tlačítko níže souhlasíte s obchodními podmínkami.

How our online course will help you
to get ready for your exam


The online tests include a large number of texts on various topics required for passing the language exams. The topics are often used in everyday life of foreigners in Czechia. If you don't know the words, please use an online dictionary. You are highly recommended to remember basic synonyms which you can face with during the test


Online tests offer numerous tasks on listening. The text of recordings you will always find in our tests. If you don't understand the recording, please read and translate the related text; start the recording again and listen to it while reading the text. After it please listen to the recording once more and repeat words or sentences after the speaker in pauses. The recordings were done by different people, in a very slow, slow and normal temper for you to get used to the pronunciation and better understanding of the content


online test covers a list of written topics and suggests samples for different situation which can be easily used in everyday life. Writing is considered to be the most complicated parts of the test. The texts should be written with Czech diacritics. Therefore, you will have the option to send your writing to us for correction. You will also get the instructions how to write short texts to pass the exam successfully


You will receive a list of the main topics for a short interview. During your test you should describe a picture. it is enough to tell several simple sentences for its description. The examples of picture description is included in the test. In answer section you will hear how it should be described. Each speaking task is followed up the recording how it should be said.

online course for language exam of Czech level A2

  • the online course offers several samples of the test
  • all model tests contain a listening part. The records were done by different native speakers
  • listening tasks have answers and texts of the recordings where you can check your understanding
  • numerous reading tasks will train your reading skills and understanding of written speech
  • various writing tasks will train you how to write in Czech at a minimum requirement. You will be trained how to fill in different forms and write short texts  
  • all study and supporting material was taken from  Czech media and Czech state administrative offices

why to enroll with our online course?


Tamara 26.06.2021

Had great experience working with this team – their tests and suggestions helped me greatly passing my Czech A1 exam! They checked my emails and short texts. I am still using the templates of emails in my life.

Ankit Tuteja 28.08.2021

 I cleared the exam and applied for my PR 😀 Sample papers from your website
really helped a lot :)))))))))))) Thanks. Sample tests and constant interaction from your teacher helped me a lot during my final phase of preparation. For the next applicants, personally I would suggest they should focus on the listening part, it sometimes gets really confusing to focus on the conversation that is being played which is done by native Czech speakers resulting in not getting the right answers. Even in my batch, the people who were not able to clear the exam actually didn’t clear the listening part.

Kasi Anna 20.06.2021

it is passed and I am happy. I had a very nice teacher for my webinars. Alexandra helped to prepare for written part and we also trained small conversation in Czech. 
cestina pro cizince. VSE CZU CVUT obcanstvo trvaly pobyt

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